Rain Bird DV100 Solenoid Valve 25mm

R473.00 incl. 15% VAT

– Double-filtered (diaphragm and solenoid) pilot-flow design for maximum reliability and grit resistance
– Buna-N, balanced pressure diaphragm with self-cleaning 90 mesh (200 microns) pilot water filter and captive spring
– Energy-efficient, low-power encapsulated solenoid with captured plunger and 90-mesh (200 microns) solenoid filter
– Unique, easy-to-turn patented pressure assisted flow control mechanism (DVF models only)
– External bleed to manually flush the system of dirt and debris during installation and system start-up
– Internal bleed for spray-free manual operation
– Accepts Rain Bird TBOS latching solenoid for use with most battery-operated controllers
– Operates in low-flow and Landscape Drip applications when a 200 mesh filter is installed upstream
– Not recommended for use with two-wire control systems


The Rain Bird DV100 F valve is the premium valve product chosen by more professionals than any other valve on the market. Its long history of reliable performance makes it the natural choice for your landscape. Its consistent, problem-free performance means you can spend less time thinking about your irrigation system and more time enjoying your landscape.
Use DV/DVF series valves in locations where the use of a separate pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a double-check valve is required by city codes to protect against backflow. Check your local city codes to determine what type of valves are required.
All of our residential valves work with any standard sprinkler timer.

– Pressure: 1,0 to 10,4 bar
– 100-DV Non-Flow Control Model: 0,05 to 9.085 m?/h; 0,01 to 2,52 l/s. For flows below 0,68 m?/h; 0,19 l/s or any Landscape Drip application, use a 200 mesh filter installed upstream.
– Water temperature: Up to 43?C
– Ambient air temperature: Up to 52?C
– 24 VAC 50/60Hz (cycles per second) solenoid power requirement: 0.450A inrush current, 0.25A holding current
– Solenoid coil resistance: 38 Ohms