Hunter X-CORE 8 Station Outdoor Controller


This entry-level residential controller offers simple operation with ?smart? Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for up to 8 stations, including 3 programs and 4 start times each, the X-Core is the perfect solution for residential applications. Plug in the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor and the X-Core is converted into a ?smart controller,? that regulates irrigation runtimes based on locally measured weather. X-Core is also compatible with Hunter remotes for quick, wireless activation of irrigation. Installation, operation and maintenance are designed to be simple while still delivering optimal efficiency or reliability.


Key Benefits:
– Solar Sync accessory saves water based on local weather conditions
– Built-in key lock on outdoor models protects against vandalism
– 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and up to 4-hour run times
– QuickCheck provides simple diagnostics of faulty field wiring
– Hide Programs setting shows 1 program and 1 start time for simplification
– Suspend irrigation up to 99 days during the off-season
– Short-circuit protection detects wiring faults and skips the station without system damage
– Easy Retrieve memory backs up the full irrigation schedule
– Delay Between Stations for slow-closing valves or pump recharge
– Cycle and Soak prevents water waste and runoff in areas with elevation changes or tight soils
– Seasonal adjustment for quicker schedule adjustments without changing run times

What’s in the box
1 x Hunter X-Core 8ST Outdoor Controller
1 x Maual
1 x Key set