Full Flow 20mm x 1/2″ Male Adaptor (Pack of 5)


– Full Flow Male Adaptor
– Type: Full Flow
– Size: 20mm x 1/2″ Male Adaptor
– Full-flow compression fittings.

– To be used on outside diameter of Class 3 and 6 low-density polyethylene pipe.


More about Full Flow

Full Flow® compression fittings are the industry standard for easy, trouble free and leak-proof connections. They are simple and efficient to use. Just push the pipe into the fitting until it hits the pipe stop inside. Full Flow® Fittings’ advantages over the standard barb type fitting are the earlier stated ease of use, the saving of not needing a clamp and the absence of pressure loss due to the unrestricted water flow through the fittings.

Full Flow® compression fittings are manufactured from engineering grade ABS material for toughness and strength and are made to fit SABS spec class 3 polypipe (LDPE). They are available in 4 sizes: 13mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. All Full Flow® fittings have color coded rings to easily identify their size and like all Microjet® products have their name proudly emblazoned on their bodies.