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– DAB E.SYBOX 1.1kW 220V self-priming
-Multi-stage pump with electronic inverter
– Pressure and flow sensors
– Adjustable pressure
– High resolution LCD display and
– An integrated 2 litre expansion tank

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Esybox is a patented booster system, unique in its category, with high performances, efficient, compact, easy and satisfying in the use both for the installer and the final user.
When Esybox mini is the solution for water boosting in small dwellings, Esybox offers the same advantages in collective residential applications, such as villas or condos. Wireless technology allows to set?up booster sets up to 4 pumps.


Operating range:?capacity up to 120 l/min; head up to 65 m.

Liquid temperature range:?from 0?C to +35?C for domestic use for other use: from 0?C to +40?C.

Insulation:?Horizontal or vertical fixed position.

Maximum operating pressure:?8 bar (800 kPa).

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