DAB Divertron 900 0.56KW



Flow rate: from 1 m3/h to 5,4 m3/h
Head up to: 45 m (900 version), 30 m (650 version)
Maximum immersion depth:12 m
Type of pumped liquid: Clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized and chemically neutral
Liquid temperature range: From 0°C to +35°C
Maximum immersion depth: 15 m
Flanges, thread: 1″ (supplied as standard with a four-section fitting-reducer)
Pump maximum diameter:160 mm
Impeller/s material: Technopolymer
Maximum number of starts: 20/h
Protection class: IP 68
Motor insulation class: F
Single phase power input: 230 V 50 Hz
Power cable (m) and plug: 15 m H07RNF with power plug
Possible type of installation: Fixed or movable in vertical position
Special versions on request: Cable of different light, different type of power plug